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June 2017 Fishing Report


FRESH MULLET HAS ARRIVED!!! Come and get it, while it lasts!

Now back to our regularly scheduled Fishing Report.....Rodanthe to Hatteras all had reports of Blues and Spanish. Salvo had a few small Puppy Drom while Avon Beaches as well as the Pier had Sea Mullet. Buxton and Frisco both reporting several nice Pompano as well!

Going to be a busy traffic weekend out there! Everyone stay safe on the roads AND on the beaches! See you soon!

The fishing report of this beautiful Sunday afternoon consists of Blues and Spanish up in Rodanthe. Mullet and Drum in Salvo. Here in Avon we have Spanish and Blues. Down in Buxton they have Mullet, Pompano, Spanish and Blues. In Frisco they have Pompano and Sea Mullet as well as Blues and Spanish in Hatteras.
Another beautiful day to be outside fishing. Up in Rodanthe they have reports of Mullet, Blue, and Spanish. In Salvo they have Mullet and Pompano. Here in Avon they have reports of Spanish, Spade and Blues. Down in Buxton they have Spanish, Blues and Pompano. In Frisco they have reports of Spanish and Blues. In Hatteras they have reports of Blues and Pompano. 

Up in Rodanthe they have reports of Puppy drum, Mullet and Sheepshead. In Salvo they have reports of Spanish, Blues, and Mullet. Down in Buxton they have reports of Pompano and Mullet. In Frisco they have Pompano and Mullet. Finally in Hatteras they have reports of Spanish and Cobia and Mullet.

CONGRATULATION TO WALTER AVERILL ON HIS 2lb 3oz 17 inch Pompano Caught at ramp 55!!!!!!!

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Surf Fishing remains slow across the island for the most part, however, there are reports of Sea Mullet, Croaker, Pompano and Small Blues throughout the beaches. Soundside is still seeing Puppy Drum and Speckled Trout here and there. Skates and Sharks are also being caught up and down the island as well!

Pam Price and Craig Beard from Laurel, Delaware shared their catches with us! Great job and thanks for sharing!

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Pretty slow fishing day today on the island. The weather and water was absolutely beautiful, though.  We did hear about a few Spanish and Sea Mullet being caught off Avon Beach as well as Sharks and a few Pompano in Frisco. Only a few small Blues to report out of Hatteras. 

Despite the slow surf fishing, a few of the Frank & Fran's family went off shore today and came home with some real beauties! Great job to Heather, Tim and Emily!

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FISHING REPORT - 06/28/2017
Up in the village of Rodanthe, we have reports of Spot, Spanish, and Blues. In Salvo we have Sharks and Croaker. In our village of Avon, we have Spanish and Mullet. Down in Buxton, we have reports of Spanish, Flounder and Blues. Frisco consits of Mullet and Pompeno. And a slow report from Hatteras.

Another beautiful day on the island with calm waters allowing for some good fishing! Rodanthe Pier reported catching small Blues and Croaker, while Salvo reported mostly Sharks, Skates, and a few Spanish. In Avon and on the Avon Pier there have been great reports of Spanish, large Sea Mullet, small Croaker and small Blues. Soundside produced Puppy Drum and Speckled Trout! The Avon Pier even pulled in a Mahi Mahi today, which is absolutely not the norm, so don't get your hopes up! Buxton, Frisco and Hatteras all reporting Sea Mullet, some Spanish, Sharks and Skates!

Margaret & Harris McMurry shared a photo with us of their Speckled Trout catches from the Soundside in Avon!
(1) 20" and (3) 17"

You're getting closer and closer to our big announcement coming up later this week! Stay tuned and come by and see us!

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What an absolutely beautiful day! The surf fishing is really starting to pick up, we've especially had some good reports tonight! The Spanish are running and are hitting well on sting silvers / glass minnows / gotcha plugs / hopkin's, etc....basically anything shinny! Never heard of these things or don't know how to use them? Just come in and see us!

Now for the rest of the fishing report! Rodanthe, Salvon and Avon areas are also all reporting Blues, Sea Mullet and some Puppy Drum off of the surf and Puppy Drum off of the sound side. Buxton is reporting Sea Mullet, Croaker and 1, 30" Puppy Drum that was released! Frisco is reporting Sea Mullet, Pompano and a few Croaker. No report from Hatteras!

Fresh Shrimp, Tuna Belly, Bloodworms, etc! We open at 6am, come and see us!

Oh and we have an exciting announcement coming Thursday......stay tuned! ;-)


Well, up In Rodanthe we have Croaker, blues. Up in Salvo we have Croaker and Rays. Here in our beautiful village of Avon, we have Puppy Drum and Sharks. Buxton has reports of Sea Mullet and Pompano. Down in Frisco we have Pompano and sea mullet. With not much to report from Hatteras, we have Small Blues​.


In the beautiful village of Rodanthe, we have reports of Croaker. A slow report from Salvo. In Avon we have reports of Sharks, Rays, and Sea Mullet. Up in Buxton we have Drum and Trout. Frisco is also slow. Up in Hatteras we have reports of Blues and Sea Mullet.

FISHING REPORT- 06/23/2017
If I was fishing tonight I would definitely visit Hatteras, this is today's "hotspot". We've heard of some Puppy Drum, Spanish, Blues and Dolphins sticking around there. Besides that it's been a quite slow day. Rodanthe pier reported people catching Puppy drum and Croakers. We've heard of some Puppies and Spot on Avon Beach then Buxton and Salvo reported some Sea Mullet inshore as well.

FISHING REPORT- 06/22/2017

You could say it's been a productive day with reports from Rodanthe of Croaker. Same report from Salvo. In our beautiful village of Avon, we have Croaker, Blue Fish, Rays, and Mullet. In Buxton, we have Sea Mullet, Bluefish, and Sharks. In Frisco we hear of Sea Mullet. Up in Hatteras they have reports of Small Blues, Flounder and Puppy Drum​.

FISHING REPORT- 06/21/2017
Pretty much a slow day. In Rodanthe we have reports of Sea Mullet and Croaker. In Salvo we have Trout and Puppy Drum. Here in Avon we have reports of Flounder, Sea Mullet, and Rays. Buxton is slow and still no report from them. In Frisco we have Puppy Drum and a over all slow performance from Hatteras with nothing to report.

Weather started out a little iffy today with some light showers and strong wind in the area. The winds have continued but the showers have all but left! Unfortunately the surf fishing remains slow with only Croaker and Sea Mullet to report from Rodanthe all the way down to Buxton! Avon pier also reported some small Bluefish and Sting Rays. Hatteras Village reported some Flounder, small Bluefish and 1 - 49" Cobia!

Fresh beautiful Tuna Belly arrived today as well as fresh shrimp and bloodworms!

Hours are 6am - 9pm, 7 days a week! Come see us!

At the beautiful Rodanthe pier, we have reports of flounder. With no report from Salvo, we have reports of Sea Mullet in
Avon. Down in Buxton, we have reports of Sea Mullet and Red Drum sea side. Sea Mullet and Pompeno in Frisco and Sea Mullet in Hatteras.
Our recommendation is to try the sound before sea side. Have fun out there!!!!! Good luck!!!!!!

FISHING REPORT- 06/17/2017
It's been a pretty slow day with reports of Flounder in Rodanthe. It has been exceptionally slow in Salvo. In Avon, we have Sea Mullet. Down in Buxton we've heard talk of Sea Mullet as well. In Frisco they have reports of Sea Mullet, and Pompano. Up in Hatteras, we have reports of Small Blues and Sea Mullet.
Let's make the best out of this slow week and hope better brighter weather in the coming days of the week.


Well its coming up on the end of the week for our friends who have been enjoying the nice weather here on our Island, and we look forward to our friends who will be coming on board. Up and down the beach today we have reports of Blue fish, Sea mullet,Puppy drum, Sea trout, flounder, and some Spanish from the piers. The sound side continues to be very productive.

We want to wish our friends traveling to and from our island, safe travels and tight lines​!

Photos courtesy of Kensil Evans from Black Jack NC. Speckled Trout 1 3/4lb and Puppy drum 2 1/4lb, both caught Soundside in Avon!

It has been a pretty slow day, with the exception of some Blues and Spanish on the Rodanthe Pier and some Spanish in Salvo. With no report coming from Avon, we move to Frisco, where word comes up of Flounder. In Frisco they have reports of Pompeno. And still, no report from Hatteras. 

Make sure to stay safe and have fun out there folks!!!!!!

​Come grab a blazing buddy and a Frank and Fran's S'more kit!

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Another absolutely gorgeous day on the island today! Fishing on the surf side continues to be extremely slow with only a few Sea Mullet being caught as well as a few Spanish off of the Avon Pier this evening.

The catching, however, is REALLY heating up with great catches of Puppy Drum, Speckled Trout and even some Spot! Don't know where to go on the sound or how to fish the sound?? Come in and ask! We can certainly point you in the right direction and set you up with the right gear!

Season Hours are 6am - 9pm, 7 days a week! See you soon!

What an absolutely beautiful day on the island! Can't beat the weather we had yesterday and today! Fishing is slow in the Surf but we're still seeing Sea Mullet, Spot and Croaker up and down the beaches. Sound fishing seems to be great lately with lots of Speckled Trout and Puppy Drum. Crabs and Clams are also showing up in abundance as well!

Fresh Bait, great deals on Rods & Reels, home decor and more! Come see us!


Well, it's been a pretty slow day. No report from Rodanthe. In Salvo they are catching Sea Mullet. No report from Avon. All the action is in Buxton at the moment with reports of Blues, Drum, Spanish and some Flounder. In Frisco they have Sea Mullet and some Pompeno. Up in Hatteras they have reports of some Drum. So overall, not much can be said.


Weather didn't quite know what it wanted to do today. We had Sun, Rain, Sun, Wind, Humidity....all in all it turned out to be a decent day! Fishing reports continue to be mostly Sea Mullet, small Blues and Spanish. There have also been reports of Pompano and Flounder. Flounder seem to be sizing up and we're starting to hear about several keeper sizes being caught.

Lots of large Cobia also still being caught off the boats and off the point later in the evenings!

Fresh Tuna Belly, Fresh Mullet, Shrimp, Bloodworms, etc!

Come and see us!


As I struggle to find the right words to write this post I'm overwhelmed with the need to do so. Yesterday, while Randy and I were enjoying our day off, exploring our beautiful island and all it has to offer we were suddenly reminded of just how ugly this island can also become.

The good news is, it doesn't have to be that way. Fishing is a great sport and one we obviously love at Frank & Fran's. But the pictures on this post will show you the ugly and stinky side of the sport!

All of us, locals and tourists alike should focus on treating living things humanely! Dispose of your catches in a safe, clean and even educational manner! We have a Carcass Collection Cooler right in front of our shop! We encourage you to utilize that cooler, 24/7! No questions asked and there's no fee! Just clean your catch and put remains in a bag (the cooler even HS bags provided)!

Please help keep our island beautiful and respect the fish you catch!

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Seems as if fishing picked up a bit today! Rodanthe Pier reported catches of Sea Mullet, Cobia, Blues, Spanish, Flounder and Spade fish! Salvo heard about Blues while Avon Pier and Avon Beach had Spanish, Sea Mullet, Spot and Sharks! Buxton only reported Bluefish. Frisco and Hatteras both reported Pompano and Sea Mullet and Hatteras also reported Puppy Drum and Cobia!

200lbs of Fresh Sea Mullet just in, just in time for the awesome weather this weekend looks to hold!

We open at 6am tomorrow! See you then!

​FISHING REPORT 06/01/2017

Well, up in Rodanthe, they tell us they caught some Sea Mullet, Spot, and Blues. In Salvo, we have reports of Bluefish being caught. Here in Avon, we have Spanish, Sea Mullet, and some Spot. In Buxton, we have reports of Sea Mullet. Frisco says they have some Pompano and some Sea Mullet. And today, no report from Hatteras.