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About Us

As 2019 begins and 2018 has now come to a close, it’s hard to imagine that September 23rd, 2018 marked the second anniversary of Frank’s retirement and of the new crew taking over the business. This has been a great adventure for us and we appreciate all of you sticking by us while we settled into life on the island and running a tackle shop. We are very thankful that Ginger has become part of our family and has shown us the ropes of the business, don’t tell her this because she will get a big head but she has probably saved our butts from making a few mistakes! We are also thankful that Frank has hung in there as a great mentor to us and we all miss him as much as you do. This year also marked, the 30th anniversary of the shop so we wanted to take some time to share a little more about the new crew who will hopefully be running the shop for the next 30 years. 

By now, you have probably met all of us and we have loved meeting each of you. You have all become part of our extended family and we look forward to seeing you each visit. Some of you have asked for the scoop on the new owners, who we are, where we came from, why did we move here, etc. so here goes….

Ginger, well you all know her already, what more can I say. She loves to help you pick out the best gear for whatever you are targeting. However, her biggest asset is her crazy personality that we all love her for. It would not be a trip to Frank & Fran’s if you are not harassed by Ginger! Ginger is a member of the all ladies surf fishing team, Outcasters, who WON the 2018 Cape Hatteras Anglers Club Tournament!

Tim, the tall bald guy, grew up in Chicago and fished on lake Michigan with his dad. He has always had a passion for fishing and spends his time off fishing; whether it be from his boat in the sound, offshore, from a kayak or from the surf. He and Heather also enjoy ATV Riding in the mountains when possible. Most of you probably know him as the grumpy guy. Yeah, we know, we are still working with him on that. You must get to know him and once you do, you realize that he is a big teddy bear with a big loud midwestern voice and attitude. Tim is also our cigar connoisseur so stop in, check out our walk-in humidor and pick his brain on cigars. Tim is married to Heather and they moved to the island from Greenville, SC. 

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Heather, who is Heather you ask? Well most of you don’t get to see me very often. I am Tim’s wife and Stephanie’s sister and the one writing this article. I also write the Tackle Tuesday posts that you see, with lots of input from the team of course! I get to do the behind the scenes stuff like paying the bills and keeping the books so that we can keep the lights on. I am still working a corporate job so I am not at the shop very often but hopefully that will change in the near future! Tim and I are the proud parents to 4 four-legged babies and 1 three-legged kitty that came into our lives recently. Our Australian Shepards, Moose and Marley, travel a lot with us and our cats Jessie, Izzy and Oscar all enjoy a life of luxury in Frisco!

Randy, bald guy with earrings, is an underwater fish head. He is our resident Scuba Diving Instructor who loves to spend his time in the water exploring the underwater world and sharing it with others. When he is top side on a surface interval, he enjoys spending time surf fishing and kayak fishing so let him share with you about fishing on the sound. Randy is married to Stephanie and they have four kids, Leroy, Cameron, Emily and Cody and they moved to the island from Greenville, SC.

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Stephanie is the creative one and also likes to plan events such as our First Annual Kayak Tournament and our Weekly Kids Fishing Tournament that we started this year. She loves to design our t-shirts, hats, logos and advertisements. Do me a favor, when you see her, do something to make her angry as she gets really creative when she is mad and she will create some great new designs for all of us! Stephanie is also a newly certified Dive Instructor and helps Randy teach classes and lead dives. Stephanie is also a member of the Outcasters all ladies surf fishing team!

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Emily is Stephanie and Randy’s daughter. She grew up fishing with her Aunt Heather and Uncle Tim. We may have spoiled her a bit because she says she is tired of catching Mahi Mahi and is ready to focus on marlin and sailfish. She is a natural when it comes to surf fishing and she has loved learning all about the tackle we sell. When you stop in, she will offer you great advice to help you get out there and catch some fish. Emily is very creative as well and she designed one of our kids shirts this year. She is also an entrepreneur who loves watching Shark Tank and is always trying to think of new ideas for the shop!

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Lane (Leroy is his nickname) is the oldest and off at Clemson University in the Engineering Program. We hope he moves to the island and helps to fix our beach erosion issues one day! Cameron is currently for UPS and hoping to make that a long term career. He also works at Conner’s in Buxton and enjoys writing and acting thru the Theater of Dare! Cody, is the youngest of the group and is only in 4th grade, if you do see him in the shop, he’s usually running around with a dinosaur or Nerf Gun or sitting at the end of the counter working on homework!

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We cannot leave out our furry friends. We have three feral cats, Princess Anne, Creamsicle and Obama that live outside. Finally, is our newest team member, Fatback. She is the little black kitten you see running around the shop or sleeping in the box up at the registers!

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Frank and Fran’s is a small family owned bait and tackle store located on NC Hwy 12 in Avon, NC. First founded in 1988 by Frank Folb and his wife Fran, the shop quickly became the place to go for all your surf fishing needs. Fran being the avid fisherman of the family was always up for giving fisherman advice and sometimes a hard time! Frank and Fran built a legacy of family traditions for many generations of anglers.

In 2003, Ginger Knight, joined the Frank and Fran’s team. Ginger is now a decorated fisherman and well known on the island for her many achievements as an angler. She is also well known for making everyone feel “at home” here in the shop.

In early 2016, Frank decided to retire and the hunt for a new owner began. Beginning in April, Heather James, Tim James, Stephanie Ryals and Randy Bayne happened upon the business listing and were instantly excited at the opportunity. Tim grew up fishing and instilled the love of fishing in Heather. Heather and Stephanie grew up on the Peninsula in Virginia and have always loved the Outer Banks. The love for fishing, an entrepreneurial spirit and a love for the area enticed us to consider a big move. The sisters and their families have now relocated to Hatteras Island and as of September 23rd, they are the new owners and operators of the shop! Ginger Knight will remain as part of the Frank and Fran’s team and family.

Our goal as the new owners is to carry on the long standing traditions started by Frank and Fran of providing all you fishing gear and excellent customer service in a fun environment. From the first day we started talking to Frank, he made us feel like we were part of his family just like he has done for his customers and team members over the years. We are just hard working, fun loving people who want the Frank and Fran's family to continue to grow.  Whether you are an experienced angler, newbie or family looking to have a fun day with the kids, we can help outfit you for your next saltwater adventure. Stop in, grab a cup of free coffee, share a fishing story and a laugh.​